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To Get Back To Basics?

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Are You Ready To Align Your Goals With Your Passion?

…..To Stop Settling and Start Thriving?

You know that there’s more to life than the hats you’ve had to wear up to now:

  • Maid
  • Cook
  • Nurse
  • Chauffeur
  • Secretary
  • Banker
  • The on-call person for home AND work


Believe me,

I understand what it's like to feel lost in your own life.

You don't have to feel that way anymore. There IS another way. You don’t have to settle for the feeling of being stuck and not moving forward in your otherwise beautiful life. Your journey to today has been satisfying… remarkable, even… Yet at times, it’s also been nerve-wracking, stressful, demanding…   You’re at a place in your life where you feel so lost in the unknown. You’ve been doing everything for everyone else for so long… it’s hard to say you know who you are or what you want anymore…   I’ve been right where you are. Not too long ago, actually.   I’ve even survived things in my life that's unimaginable to some… And I came out on the other side shining brighter than ever.

Do you want to know a little secret? Here, I’ll share it with you…

The life you’ve always dreamed of is just on the other side of your comfort zone. No, seriously. Your dreams are within your reach. BUT, you’ve got to get your head in the game and give it all you’ve got. You’ll have to reach farther and higher than ever before.  

Mindset, after all, is everything.





Inner strength.


Most importantly… It’s time to take ACTION. The only thing really holding you back.. is you.   Everything else claimed--    They're all just excuses.   That's a hard truth to swallow, but it's an absolute fact.

I know you feel it in your gut right now that you have it in you to do this...

To make these necessary changes. I’m here to help you see this through…


All the way to Your success.

I will show you the way to step into a bigger, brighter version of yourself and to set aside anything that’s rooted you in place --


  • You can take a chance on yourself and WIN.
  • You can transform the gifts you've been given into invaluable assets.
  • You can design life on your own terms – for yourself and your family. Whatever that may look like to you… Travel the world to enjoy life in a bungalow on the beach... Moving cross-country to explore new and different cultures... Or even just moving down the street. It can be yours.

I’m Linda Clay.

I’m a mentor and strategist, 

intuitively guiding fearless,

inspired women, just like you,

to create harmony in life and

business by their own design.

life. business. mindset.

Through your guidance, I’ve gained additional clients and I’ve noticed a great deal of growth in my overall self esteem, my organization in my business and my mindset on how to perform business as a professional. Your insight and intuition backed by your experience has been so very helpful.

Andrea Peaslee

Branding Stylist | Graphic Designer, Studio Menlo

Creating change takes courage and compassion on every level. The power to transform lies right there within you, and it's just waiting to be unleashed. Together, we will push through all the barriers to reveal the gems you hold deep inside. You know you're capable of so much more than the roles you've had to play. Once we unveil your inner strength and set aside everything you've allowed to hinder your spirit, we will design a course of action so you can grow into the life that you're craving more of-- More energy, More alignment, More purpose, More joy...  It's time to take the next step forward. When we’re done, you’ll wonder why you waited to take action. 

Isn't it time you got started?