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Check This Out: 

Aligned Clarity

Get clarity that aligns your life and business so you have the balance and meaning you need to set your vision and goals. 

Master Your Mindset

Look at your self-limiting beliefs and blockages, dissect them and smash them. Create a mindset geared towards empowerment, success, and balance. 

Strategy & Systems

Implement systems and strategies that will support you when life throws you those inevitable curve balls. You know what you need to do.. I’ll show you how to do it.

Map It - Your Course

We’ll work together to create your personalized map, casting away any doubt, fear, and confusion. We’ll formulate your life and business structure to complement each other.

This Coaching Is For:

  • Women who know there’s more to life than their current situation, and are determined to take action and get results.
  • Women who are tired of the status quo and their acceptance of a conditioned lifestyle. Women who are DONE with people telling them ‘do this, do that’ and are ready to listen to their inner voice inside whispering ‘This is what I want to do.’
  • Women who know how to step up their game, who are ready to face their fears head on, and who aren’t afraid of hard work.
What Can You Do For Me?

When you work with me, you’ll gain the confidence, clarity and direction to build a solid foundation on which to build your life and business. We’ll dig deep to get past the surface answers and stories you’ve been telling yourself to find out what you really want out of life. We start with your mindset as it can make or break you. The wrong mindset will undermine the best-laid plans for having the lifestyle you want or the business you desire. Then we’ll work to develop an strategy to use your skills, mindset, and talents to make your dreams happen by mapping out the steps you’ll take to implement your personal strategy.

What makes you different from others in your field?

I draw on the lessons I learned not only from my struggles, but from my personal and professional successes to show you how you, too can recreate yourself on YOUR terms. I won’t try to fit you into any cookie-cutter mold, making you feel like you need to be just another version of all of the other entrepreneurs online. I do a deep dive into who you are at your very core to help you uncover your hidden treasure chests and discover those passions you’ve kept buried for more years than you even realize. I help you find the hidden gems inside of you waiting to be brought into the light and polished until they shine.

Are you gifted with unique skills within the type of coaching you do?

I can see the big picture and sort through a person’s ideas to come up with a unique and different approach they haven’t been able to see. Challenges I’ve overcome both personally and professionally give me tremendous insight into how a person feels in a multitude of different scenarios and the roadblocks they create to their own success and happiness.

Is there anything else I should know before I choose to work with you?

I’ve had to rebuild my life several times and have always come out on the other side. I know depression, financial pain, loss and more. I’ve created a successful business. Ran million dollars stores and changed careers both in my mid-forties and early sixties. I have out of necessity mastered a multitude of skills. In short, I’ve been there, done that. You can learn more about my journey here. 

Is there a guarantee?

There is no guarantee since the results depend solely on your own commitment to make the necessary changes and doing the work you need to do. But I can tell you, if you are committed and do the work, you will see changes. It won’t happen overnight. It took you years to get to this point so it will take time to break down the barriers and limitations you have placed on yourself. But YOU can do it. When you have the right attitude, a strong personal commitment and a willingness to invest in yourself, anything is possible. 

Coaching Packages

Power Boost Breakthrough Session

Get a clearly defined action plan on a specific part of your business, life, or mindset. Break the blocks that are holding you back and start creating the magic you desire!

More Details

A 90 min. Break Through Session

You can use the time as it fits you best as an example 3 -30 minute calls or 1-60 minute with a 30 miinute follow up.

Develop actionable steps and strategies.

Leverage the use of your time to get more done.

Discover how you work best.

2 weeks of follow up emails.

Recording of Our Calls for Your Reference.

Don’t miss out on getting the POWER BOOST you need. SPOTS ARE LIMITED!



Fast-Track 1:1 Mentorship

A 6 week FAST-TRACK mentorship program for the entrepreneur who’s done playing around, and is ready jump on the fast-track to “Get It Done.” It’s tailored to fit YOU. Limited spots available. 

More Details

Designed for the woman who is ready to rebuild her foundation and create her own personalized treasure map from  dream to reality. Use your personalized map to scale your life & business, level up,and strategically align you to serve others according to your vision. 

1-45 minute deep dive call initial call 
6 Weekly Calls
3 bonus thirty-minute 1:1 SOS calls to help you when you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unmotivated. Schedule these calls when you need help moving forward.
Unlimited support via Voxer

All calls will be recorded and made available to you.
1 goodie bag to include crystals, a journal, and a few surprises.


*Bonus for an additional charge you can schedule a 1 in-person meet- up anywhere in the Continental U.S.

You + Me No Bull Sh**

A 6 month 1:1 No Bull Sh** mentorship program for the entrepreneur. You’re ready to dig deep in your life. mindset and business. You’re ready to “Get It Done.” It’s a personalized program for you. 

More Details

This is a 6 month intense program where you’ll get clarity in your purpose and develop the plan to create more time, more income, and more impact while living life on your terms.

What you get:

1 one-to- one Intense kick off call

24 weekly 45 min. mentoring calls 

3 1:1 SOS calls to help you when you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unmotivated. Schedule these when you need help moving forward.

One month of unlimited follow up emails.

1 follow up session to be scheduled after the conclusion of the 6 months. 

All calls will be recorded and made available to group members.

1 goodie bag to include a small bag of crystals, a writing journal, a smudge kit, chocolates and a surprise or two. 

**There are only 5 spots available at a time. 


*Bonus 1 in-person meet- up anywhere in the Continental U.S is included. If you are outside of the Continental U.S. there is an additional charge. 


About Me

I get it. I understand your desire to live a life of your own creation. It’s as fundamental as breathing. I know you’re ready to make a huge career change, start a business, or make some big life changes. You want to stretch yourself, grow, and create a better life—find the career that matches who you are now or start the business you’ve had burning inside you for years.

With my background in business and life, I can guide you to connect more deeply with your inner passions, your business, and bring your vision to life.

“Working with Linda was one of the best decisions I have made for my mindset & business. I knew I could trust her to truly help me. She’s not just a coach, she is a crucial investment as a friend and mentor. and TRUST me. Linda WILL change your life, and you won’t regret it.”


OBM, Brooke J. OBM


“I was able to gain so much clarity and direction with her help, and now I am confident that I can go forward to change things for the better where needed! Thank you Linda!.”

Karina Pardus

Composer, Coy Composition

“Through your guidance, I’ve gained additional clients and I’ve noticed a great deal of growth in my overall self esteem, my organization in my business and my mindset on how to perform business as a professional. Your insight and intuition backed by your experience has been so very helpful.”

Andrea Peaslee

Branding Stylist | Graphic Designer, Studio Menlo

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