Bad habits. We can’t get arount it .. we all have them. We might not like to admit it but we do. We are human, after all and imperfect. The great thing is, not all is lost, bad habits can be changed with just a bit of work and discipline, yes, discipline.

There’s no miracle cure. It won’t happen overnight. But when you recognize and accept your bad habits, you’ve taken the first step towards making the needed changes.

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to start changing your bad habits into good habits:

Hide those tempting items.

Tempting things are all around us., It might take the shape of that extra slice of chocolate cake or purchasing the next best mobile device.  At times, we fall into the trap of overindulging! So, how do you stop from doing that? Is it possible to hide from those carrots dangling in front of you?

Here’s a perfect example: You are constantly tempted to overeat junk food. One of the easiest solutions is to eliminate those foods from your home. When you head to the grocery store to shop, make a commitment to yourself to avoid the aisles where those types of products are located.

Going out or being a guest at someone else’s home is more difficult, that’s where your discipline comes in, you’ll need to stay away from the snack bars or having dessert so you can stay on track. 

The bottomline … what you can’t see, you don’t want so if those enticing little nuggets aren’t around, the temptation just isn’t there.  

Give yourself a reward.  

How can a reward help you change a bad habit into a good one? You use a reward system to help you star on track as you work towards creating a new better habit.

Let’s look at this scenario: You’re ready to quit biting your nails so you’ve set a goal to stop. One of the things, you’ve dreamed of doing for what seems like forever is having a luxurious day at the spa. It would make a great reward for not biting your nails. You book a spot at the best spa in town for 6 to 8 weeks out.

The rule is long as you don’t bite your nails, you get to keep the appointment and indulge in spoiling yourself. You use the reward as a way to keep yourself from biting your nails (temptation) while eliminating the behavior altogether.

One other option you could think about is to consider rewarding yourself everytime you bring a ‘good’ habit into your life.

The reward doesn’t need to be as big as a day at the spa just choose something small and simple that you love.

Give your bad habit a consequences.

You’ve always swore like a sailor, but that has to stop.( You caught your 3 year old mimicking the words). Once you decide to take action, create a consequence for when you slip up. You will. It happens! 

You could ‘charge’ yourself a ‘fee’ each time you slip, you add it to a special jar just for the slip up fees. Once you haven’t added to the jar for a month, take the money and treat yourself! One quick tip: Partner with your family and your friends, so they can help hold you accountable.

We get quickly get used to our bad habits that they become automatic without our even realizing when it happens. When you give yourself a consequence, it forces you to be more aware of your behavior and eventually helps to eliminate the bad behavior.

Start tracking your daily habits.

Tracking your habits is an excellent way to keep them in the forefront of your mind. It doesn’t matter what method you use, whether you do it the old fashion way with pen and paper (my favorite way ) or using one of the new habit tracking apps.

Check out this article on the best habit tracking apps on Lifehack. Once you start the starting the tracking process, by the end of the week, you’ll actually feel so accomplished!

Let’s break it down a bit ..

  • If exercising daily is your thing, start writing down what type of exercise you did and for how long.
  • If your goal is to stop the little procrastination bug, write down what time you start working on your project or task each day until it’s complete.
  • Maybe it’s time to unplug more often, use a paper (not digital) calendar to write down when you turned off your phone or computer and for how long.

Visual cues are the best way you can actually see that your efforts are paying off. You can see you’re beating those bad habits. When you see how well you are doing it goes a long way to make you feel proud and accomplished, which positively reinforces the new behavior.

Sometimes you need extra support.  

  • Take a look around at your friends and acquaintances to see if there is someone who is willing to support you.
  • Do you know a personal trainer or have a friend who can support you in your commitment of getting fit?
  • Perhaps you know a nutritionist or have a friend who loves to create healthy meals who can help you eliminate sugar out of your diet.
  • If your business is in limbo and you’re not sure how to ignite it again, do you have a business partner or friend who can help get it moving again?
  • If you are comfortable posting about your struggles and challenges on social media, your followers can become your accountability partners.

Word of caution .. When you keep your struggles and goals to yourself, it makes it so much easier to cheat, but if you share with others what you are trying to achieve, it gives you an added incentive to focus on the new behavior you’re trying to put in place.

Remember when you create a new positive habit the old one disappears.

One quick tip: Don’t try to change more than one habit at a time. If you take on too many changes at once, it’s libel to blow up into overwhelm, which will stop you from changing any habits.

Start small, make the goals manageable and achievable. When one is changed for good, give yourself permission to start changing another. Most of all, for each positive change, CELEBRATE! 


Having A Hard Time Deciding What Habits Need To Change In Your Life?

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