Rules for Life and Business

As adults we often lose sight of the simple things. We close ourselves off, hiding our true selves and trying to fit a mold that isn’t even remotely comfortable. Instead of being ourselves, confidently and unapologetically, we take on the characteristics of a chameleon, changing our colors to suit our environment.

Spending time with my grandkids gives me not only a breath of fresh air, but a reality wake-up call. They say what they think and act like themselves, rather than someone they think I want to see. Interacting with them is typically fun and stress-free. It makes me wonder why I can’t live my life, both business and personal by the same standards.

Some of those standards might be:

  • Be yourself
  • Say what you feel
  • Be kind
  • Be playful
  • Be curious
  • Be honest
  • Honor your own needs
  • Love what you’re doing

Let’s look at each one of these.

Be Yourself

When you work too hard on creating an image that will be pleasing to others, you lose sight of what makes you, you. You’re a unique and amazing person in your own right. Trying to be someone else will be obvious to everyone else, and let’s face it. It’s exhausting!

Say What You Feel

Too often, we suck it up and don’t say anything when we’re in an uncomfortable situation, or when a potential client says something we disagree with. Doing so serves no one, especially not the potential client. Why? Because your clients should be a good fit for you, and you for them. Pretending to agree with them will ultimately come back to bite you in the butt. Meanwhile, you’ve taken on a problem client who will take up space you’d use better on a client who fit you like a glove.

This doesn’t mean being unkind or disrespectful, but there are many ways to disagree without causing feathers to ruffle.

Be Kind

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but as business owners, we don’t always include it in our tool box. Maya Angelou said it best:

People won’t remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.

There’s a time and a place to burn bridges, but don’t burn them all. A minor disagreement or a perceived slight needn’t turn into an all-out war.

Be Playful

Life isn’t mean to be all serious and somber. Being human means you’re able to have a little fun with what you do. Maybe it’s the way you word things, (I’m fond of “chitty-chatty voices”), or presenting yourself more casually. Maybe it’s a bit of whimsy in your posts and ads which catch peoples’ attention more than a dry sales pitch. People love things that make them smile or feel warm and happy. Let your fun side show.

Be Curious

Ask questions. Learn about the person you’re talking to. People love to talk about themselves, but many are shy and need a little prompting. Curiosity shows you’re interested in who they are and what they have to say. Give them a chance to shine.

Be Honest

The trouble with lies is you have to remember the details ever time you tell the story. If you’re honest, you don’t have to worry about keeping your story straight, or getting caught in a fib. Being honest also means letting people see the real you without masks or smoke screens. It can be scary at first, but soon you’ll attract people who like the real you and repel those who don’t.

Honor Your Own Needs

You can’t go 90-mile-an-hour all the time. You need time to rest and time for self-care. When you take the time to refresh yourself, you come back full of energy and accomplish more in less time, and far more easily. You get sick because you forget to take care of yourself, and your body shuts down to force the issue. People who take care of themselves get sick a lot less often.

Love What You’re Doing

Why would anyone want to spend their life doing things they hate? Yet too many people do because they think it’s expected, or they need to make a living. But making a living is meaningless if you’re not making a life at the same time. And yes, it’s possible to do both.

If you’re struggling to find your balance, CONTACT ME TODAY to schedule a no-pressure, no-commitment phone call to see if I can answer any questions you might have. Together, we can work on those BSFs (aka, big scary feelings) getting in the way of your freedom to do the things you love without feeling guilty.

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