I’m Linda Clay and I help women who are stuck, not happy but have inside a burning knowledge that there’s so much more to life to reignite their dreams so they can live life with passion.


I am here to walk the path with you, as someone who understands and believes in you even when you don’t want to believe in yourself.




The daughter of an alcoholic, my early life experiences taught me to be strong, independent, and resilient.


My graduating year of high school, I got pregnant – in an era where nice girls didn’t do that. Unlike what society wanted me to think about myself, I wasn’t a bad girl – I just made a mistake.


Shut away in an unwed mothers home, the choices I had to make were my own.


Holding my baby daughter for the first and last time before she was whisked away for adoption was a stark introduction to the responsibilities of being an adult in a confusing and complicated world.


I could barely comprehend the enormity of what had happened, or what was necessary to get past it and move on.




I married, and raised two daughters – but then had the breath knocked out of me as our oldest daughter became an addict.


If you haven’t experienced it, it is like enduring a slow, painful death in the family. An excruciating process to face your own guilt and then learn to let go.



Despite the many ups and downs, I want to be clear that, while tumultuous, my life has not been a negative one. I’m grateful for the many blessings that have come my way – a fulfilling career, wonderful marriage, my beautiful grandchildren, many remarkable experiences and my own personal courage – which has been sorely tested at times.


After a period of smooth sailing, my husband began experiencing pain in his right side.


No big deal, the doctors say. It’s just his diabetes. Life goes on.


We bought a house, planned our future, my career went from strength to strength and life continued to blossom.


But my husband’s pain increased. Several trips to the emergency room and a battery of tests later, the doctor very quietly and gently told me that my husband had cancer.


‘Cancer is not a death sentence anymore,’ I told myself. ‘It will be okay’.


Flash forward a few months and in a cold, dreary hospital room the oncologist told me that my husband had not one but two kinds of cancer. Treatment is no longer an option.


Ten days later, I lost the love of my life.


IN ONE HUGE, CRUSHING MOMENT, my world and life were wiped out.


Depression hit. PTSD set in. I lost my beloved career, my house, my hope.


I could have given up.




There were many times that I wanted to. But I kept taking one day at a time, placing one foot in front of the other. I started several different careers, moved several times, rebuilt my life one way then another, until finally reaching the point where I am today.


The survivor mentality is contagious, as are courage and compassion.

When you’re accustomed to putting others first, treating yourself with compassion can feel alien. Doing so takes courage.

I’ve been there, I know how you feel. I want to use my own personal experience to show you how you can recreate yourself on YOUR terms.

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