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I was able to gain so much clarity and direction with her help, and now I am confident that I can go forward to change things for the better where needed! Thank you Linda!.”

- Karina Pardus

Composer, Coy Composition


You’re ready to make a huge career change, start a business, or just make some big life changes. You want to stretch yourself, grow, and create a better life– find the career that matches who you are now or start the business that has been burning inside of you for years.

What you want is to honor yourself, using your gifts to transform your life into something of immense value. You know it’s time to take the leap, find the right path, and do what you’re meant to do. You are courageous, creative, and caring.

But filtering through all the the different options, ideas and thoughts floating around in your head just wears you out. So that instead of making an action plan, you spend your days scrolling through your Social Media channels hoping for some inspiration that will, hopefully, work.

You know that you are capable. You know you have something to share with the world. You spend hours dreaming of all the different things you could do to make a difference.

You don’t have to let your thoughts churning around in your head. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself to yourself, questioning your ideas and wondering if they are valid or not. It doesn’t need to be so hard.


I guide you and teach you to rediscover your strength, wisdom, and passions. I help you in developing an online business or create a new lifestyle that reflects who you are. Plan and implement the steps needed so it becomes a reality, not a dream. I make it so the process isn’t confusing, overwhelming or discouraging.

Working with people like you, who are motivated, energized and ready to become their own superhero, who know they want to use their gifts to heal the world– THAT is what electrifies, inspires and drives me to do the remarkable work that I do to help you find your superpowers and create a life you truly want.

When you succeed, only then do I succeed.

Through your guidance, I’ve gained additional clients and I’ve noticed a great deal of growth in my overall self esteem, my organization in my business and my mindset on how to perform business as a professional. Your insight and intuition backed by your experience has been so very helpful.

- Andrea Peaslee

Branding Stylist | Graphic Designer, Studio Menlo


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