Linda Clay

Business & Lifestyle Strategist

Guiding you on how to map out your life and business.

Hi, I’m Linda! I’m a female entrepreneur, speaker, author, motivator, change maker, business and lifestyle strategist.

My Story

Hi, I’m Linda

Women hire me to unpack their hidden suitcases because most don’t know how to outsmart or overcome the fears. They end up disillusioned, uncertain and have no idea which way to go. I help them uncover the clarity, confidence and direction they need to achieve their dreams.

I combine decades of experience in the corporate world with my own life lessons as well as my personal and professional successes, supporting women who are in the corporate world and women who are ready to break free and create more time to live life on their terms.

My Values & Beliefs

I Believe:

Every woman can tap into their inner truth, own their power, and create a life of their own design.

Our Relationship with ourselves drives our success:

Throughout my life and work, I’ve learned the road to success begins with mapping out, then planning the right model for building and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with yourself.

Rebuild Your Foundation:

By working on your personal map to self-love and self-esteem.
By becoming aware of how you talk to yourself.
By setting and enforcing strong personal boundaries.

My Approach

I’ve developed tools and a framework in my integrative approach to life, mindset and business treating each one as a separate unit and then connecting them together. My use of holistic mentoring through a mapping out phase helps to ascertain and clarify while exposing your hidden treasures, drawing out the steps you need to take, then creating and implementing a mapped out clearly defined action plan.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Mapping Out Your Own Direction Today!