In my Facebook group The Business.Life Village, and here I’ve challenged you to start journaling with purpose so you can discover your purpose or passion and make them so profound that nothing will stop you from creating the life that you want and build your business around it!

And it all starts with one simple question: What lights me up? 

Then take it further and asking a few more insightful questions:

  • What activities do I truly enjoy? What activities do I not enjoy?
  • What am I grateful for?


Or other questions like:

  • What was the best thing that happened today?
  • How did I make someone else’s day better?
  • What made me smile today?
  • How could today have been better?        
  • What is the one thing I want to get done today?
  • The one thing I did today JUST for me was?
  • My biggest achievement this week was?

When you practice this type of journaling, it helps you maintain focus and allows you to look back later to see what works, what doesn’t and what areas you might want to focus your energy on.

The best practice is to use your journal as a source of inspiration and reflection in both your life and your business. Look forward to what you hope to achieve and backward to how far you have come.

Here’s something else you might want to consider:

When it comes to finding your true purpose and passion and/or trying to build your business, finding what other people think might seem to be the last thing you should consider.

One additional area you might delve into is what others think about you and what you do well or what they feel is your unique genius. It can give you valuable insight into how others view your strengths and what you have to share.

In other words, think about the questions your family, friends or even people on Facebook ask you.

  • Do they come to you for assistance with their family finances? Writing a resume? Organizing the kitchen?
  • Are you a sounding board for dating troubles? Called upon for career advice? Consulted for other family problems?

The questions you’re asked by your friends and family is what they see as your expertise. They don’t do it out of loyalty or because they don’t want you to feel left out.

They do it because they value your input and opinion.

They not only know and believe that you have a natural talent in this area but a passion for what you do. Pay special attention to what people ask you to do and what problems they come to you to solve.

Not sure what others think? Ask them! Don’t ask them what they think you’re good at. Ask them what they think your superpowers are. There is a difference.

Everyone has one and when you discover yours it’s often closely related to your passion.

Superpowers can be anything. Maybe you’re a connector of people, you have a knack for matching complementary businesses. Perhaps you’re amazing at creating healthy meals that even confirm a junk food addicts’ loves. Maybe you’re simply a good listener who is able to help a friend through a crisis.

Just ask! The answer just might point you to your passion. Once you find that your passion won’t be too far behind.

Listen! When we look at ourselves, we see our whole self. We see the inner self, we see the insecurities, the lack of confidence. We see the challenges that we face. But the people outside of us don’t see that. They see our strengths, they see what we do really well.

Tap into this great resource of insight, you may be surprised by the answers you get!

If you’re on this marvelous, crazy path of trying to find your purpose and passion to create a life and business you actually love. I invite you to join us in my community, the Business.Life Village. The Village community is filled with some amazing connections and many more first-class resources!