Over the last month or so, we’ve been talking about developing our own Personal Passion project, not only here, but in my FB group, Map It Life & Business too! 

Last week I touched on how important it is to get out of your own environment so you’re able to get re-inspired.

Which actually means you have to:

  • Get out of your office.
  • Change up your scenery.
  • Do something different so you can refill your well and get re-inspired.

And I mentioned previously, there are two parts to taking on this challenge. (If you didn’t catch my blog on how I figured out how to fill my well, you can check it out here.)

The first part I covered last week, which was .. to take some time for yourself.

The second part, I’m touching on this week .. to make it a priority to PLAN for these new experiences.

So just where do you begin?

It’s so so simple. You start by making a list of things that you would like to experience. This will be a living document that you’ll continue to add and refer to as new ideas come up.

The list should include all the things you want to do, try and yes, even the things that scare the heck out of you! Put them all on the list.

Keep adding to it as you run across things. Especially when you think “Oh that sounds fun or I would like to take that class or hey I would like to learn that!”.

However, it’s not enough to just make a list. You have to take action! Which means, you have to make a plan and schedule the time to actually do the things you’ve listed!!

Yep, I know, that’s scary sounding!

To actually make a plan, take action on new and different things, boy, that’s stretching yourself even more!

But you know what? Do it anyway.

Make a plan – then you need to pick what I like to call “Drop Dead Dates”.

Example: Pick out the class you’ve secretly wanted to take, schedule the start date (put it on your calendar so you don’t back out) and then DO it!

The trick to this whole thing is to add one new experience to your calendar … EVERY … SINGLE … MONTH.

Make a commitment to yourself! Then do what it takes to fulfill that commitment! 

You just might discover a new favorite thing, a hobby you’d never thought of or meet a new friend and business partner. At the very least you’ll refill your own well and creativity!

Don’t think it’s a waste of time. Don’t get caught in the ‘I should be doing something more productive’ mindset. Remember as we humans, we have the tendency to beat ourselves up way too much. We tend to believe we’re not doing enough so we won’t allow ourselves to step back and take care of all parts of our full-self.

What do I mean by taking care of our full-self? It’s not about just a mani/pedi or getting your hair done. What it’s about is actually taking the time you need to fill up your well.

  • Taking care of the spiritual aspect.
  • Addressing the emotional aspect.
  • And nuturing the mental aspect.

When you take the opportunity to explore, learn and grow, it allows you refill YOUR well. The time you commit to actually checking off your list is an investment in your growth plus it gives you the additional benefit of something more in return – it will give you nourishment for your soul.

I CHALLENGE you this week to create an experience list, a someday list. A special  list of things that you want to do or learn and then schedule them out. Some won’t be for right now and that’s perfectly fine – just let them flow to you and align them with your vision.

I want you to also create an idea journal, a living document where you’ll record every new idea or dream that crosses your mind. You’ll write down everyone of your ideas that pop into your mind. Some ideas will be great. Some won’t work out. But, you know what, that’s ok!

The point is don’t close your mind to all the possibilities that are out there!

I find it truly incredible that every single person I help is in a different season in their life. It’s quite amazing to guide and support them in their journey. It’s even more heartfelt to see people help each other and collaborate so each can get even further in their businesses.

I’d love to know where you are at in your journey!  Are you ready to find your passion or are you ready to scale into the next level?

Come join my FB group, Map It Life & Business become a Passion Blazer and share your thoughts there. Click here to join! Or feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.