False evidence and fake being real, YUP! Those are the prime qualities of your closest friend, Fear’s characteristics.


Imagine this .. You’re sitting there quietly writing out your goals and this great idea POPS in your head, one you KNOW will be great for your business, you start to write it down, and you HEAR a knocking at your mind’s door, you CRACK it open and there stands your friend: FEAR!

Fear sits down and joins you to have a NICE VISIT, you know the kind I mean, you might as well be sitting in a bunch of THORNS as you IMMEDIATELY start to feel FEAR pick here, there and everywhere, on your excitement. The little stabs that follow and you know Fear’s little buddy, DOUBT’S arrived.

Now let’s step back a minute and get to know your friend a little more..


It definitely likes to throw around it’s friendship, by giving advice and taking the spotlight telling you THEprime reason why YOU should choose not to do the things you truly desire,

I think you can come to the same conclusion I have that FEAR constantly holds you back. Fear, likes to show up as a real friend but the reality IS, it’s not YOUR good friend, nope, NOT AT ALL.

When we take a deeper look into where fear comes from, it’s easy to see that it’s living in the many different areas of both our present and past life.

Here’s a few examples of where fear lives:

  • In what people think of us (friends, family & society)
  • Stepping into the unknown
  • Limiting beliefs & society pressures.
  • Past failure

Let’s look at the BIGGEST area where fear resides: PAST FAILURES

The past likes to creep in on us, especially when we remember THE times where we think we’ve failed. Keep in mind, I DON’T believe in failure, I believe we are constantly learning so whether something works out or it doesn’t, each will teach us something valuable.

Any successful person will tell you, they have ‘Failed’ numerous times before things jelled, came together and finally brought them to where they are.

Look, there is nobody ANYWHERE who gets things right the first time!

Boy, I know I sure haven’t. It’s try this …  Nope, it doesn’t work … Try that, nope. Let’s try it this way .. Oh, it’s coming together now!

It doesn’t mean you PACK IT ALL UP and call it quits…

Never tell yourself you CANNOT get passed these fear based blocks. You can! Besides that the world needs YOU.

Here it comes again, you need to change your MINDSET about how you perceive failure because it’s not a BAD thing. It’s a lesson you need to learn so you can get to your next growth level.

Believe it or not: ‘FAILURE’ actually helps you succeed much faster.

You learn so much from your ‘FAILURES’ and it is only through your experiences that you can truly grow.

When faced with something not working out the way YOU want it too, I know it’s tough to perceive it as being helpful but it is .. trust me on this!

Failing forces you to PICK YOURSELF back up when your negative thoughts are weighing you down.

What a great way to build your MINDSET muscle. You know how much you and I both need that,MINDSET building is a constant work in progress!

Your life does not end just because something didn’t work out, it just means it wasn’t meant for you. Brush off the dust, get up and move forward.

Don’t for one minute think you are alone in your friendship with fear.

You’ve not!

Fear loves to have a huge group of people to poke and prod. At some point in our lives, we all face fear’s friendship when stepping into the next levels of our lives.

I know I sure have!

Fear and I have gotten into quite the dance. I will take two steps forward and fear pushes me back one step, I move two steps forward and fear pushes me back but I’ve learned to push even harder forward and around. I win every time! Well, okay 99.9% of the time. I do slip.

Now here’s GREAT NEWS FOR YOU ..

You can overcome these fears! Yes, you CAN overcome these fears… You can learn to dance with and around fear. It just takes some time, support and experimenting.

“ Don’t let your fears choose your destiny ” – unknown

  1. Do research on the different exercises/things you can do to help yourself work through overcoming these fears.
  2. Reach out to people who can help you, reach out to people in your community or better yet, even invest in a coach.
  3. Go to your local library and find books on people you admire, learn how they overcame their fears, gather evidence from friends, family and acquaintances who have overcame their fears. What practices can you walk away with to help yourself?

The goal is to learn to OVERCOME your fears, it’s not to sit in them and allow them to control your life.

One sure way sure way of dancing around fear is to know your own intentions.

  • When you have your intentions straight, fear tends to shy away..
  • What is your intention behind what you are doing?
  • Is it to make people feel better about themselves?
  • To bring more light into this world? To be a peaceful warrior?

“ All doubt, despair and fear become insignificant when the intention of life becomes love” -Rumi


Take a look at yourself and ask yourself what is really holding you back from doing what you truly desire? I guarantee it all comes down to the one thing FEAR. Remember, fear comes in all shapes and sizes.

The greatest joy you will face in your life is to know that you overcame your fears and pushed towards the other side, because guess what? YOU CAN!


“ Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair


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