The news over the last few weeks has been overwhelming, between the massive fires, shootings and the unrest in other parts of the world. It’s hard to step back and practice living in gratitude. But all negativity has given me a chance to pause and realize how much I have to be grateful for.

So really .. what is gratitude? 

GRATITUDE: The state of being grateful. It’s such a SIMPLE but powerful word. At times like these when there is so much negativity around us, we certainly don’t always pay enough attention to it, in fact, I’d say we often take it for granted.

However, when you live in GRATITUDE you’re able to attract more abundance into your life. Those two things are linked together: GRATITUDE and ABUNDANCE.

Take a few moments and really think for a moment about all the times you felt the most grateful. You also felt the most abundant. How do I know? Because that’s the WAY it’s always been for me.

Being grateful and feeling abundant go together like milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly or hand in a glove.

The universe responds to GRATITUDE and will give more and more. When you show your gratitude for EVERYTHING you have in life, you turn on the universe’s switch and you start to receive more. It’s like someone left the water faucet on full force and the sink overflowed with water.

It sounds crazy but seriously making this one SIMPLE decision to be grateful will totally TRIGGER the faucet of abundance to turn on and create a waterfall.

“Gratitude is the open door to abundance.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi

It’s hard, trust me, to stay focused on what is good when life’s throwing some CURVEBALLS at you or you’ve been struggling to create something better and bigger for yourself, your family and your life. Yes, I GET IT – Your current situation makes you have a STRONG resistance to expressing gratitude.

Your mind brings up the thoughts of “Really? Look what’s going on NOW” or “Come on, all I DO is struggle”.


Whether life feels GOOD or BAD at this moment, you still have things to be grateful for.  Each day you wake up is a day to be grateful for. So start your day, even before getting out of bed, taking a few minutes to be thankful for your life.

Oh, yes, I got in funks in the past. There have definitely been times where I’ve wondered silently and out loud why all this ‘STUFF’ kept happening. Then, as if the universe wanted me to see that it really wasn’t that bad, I’d run into a person who had it TEN TIMES worse than me.

That SWIFT but gentle kick from the universe would remind me that there’s always someone else who has it worse and going through a tough time.

I got the message! And yes, I suffer from short-term memory loss, too!  

“Gratitude builds a bridge to abundance.” ― Roy Bennett

Strip away the layers, and look underneath each one for the reason on why it works the way it does but the truth is .. If you want the universe to give you EVERYTHING when you’re ungrateful for what you DO have, you’ve got your blinders on.

I’ve mentioned it before MINDSET matters. In fact, it’s one of the keys to getting the universe’s attention. It’s your positive attitude that the universe looks for not your negative one.

If the message you send out is one of negative vibes, grumbling, gripping and showing how ungrateful you are, what you’ll get BACK is exactly what you are putting out there: MORE NEGATIVE!

But what would happen if your mindset was focused on expressing gratitude for ALL THINGS, yes, I mean all things, good, bad or indifferent (yes, even that stubbed toe got yesterday.) The universe will reward you with everything you need to move forward.

Part of gratitude is to understand you’ve been given everything you need to succeed, have a great life and be happy. You don’t need to LOOK elsewhere, you’ve GOT this!

There are so many stories that have circulated for years about the early stages and lives of entrepreneurs. The crazy spaces they worked out of, how they lived, working out of cars, trains, coffee shops, sleeping on friends couches, top ramen at every meal and put their finances at risk and on and on. The one thing they all had in common was no matter the setbacks or conditions they faced, they were still GRATEFUL FOR everything that they had.

This practice of having a daily gratitude MINDSET for every little thing helped them to keep focused on their vision/dreams, kept them going, and in the end, they grew and thrived!

Being grateful for even those tough, knock you flat “MOMENTS,” those ‘Can I really do this?’ ones; because those moments are actually the GREATEST moments of your journey.

I bet you’re asking yourself, at this point, “Just what the heck are you talking about, Linda? How could this be the greatest moment in my journey?” Here’s WHY I feel this way: because the tough, sometimes gut WRENCHING moments are there to help you realize who you are, what gifts you have and what you are here for.

Think of it this way: The universe is your own personal professor in your life school, here to teach you all about yourself. Picture yourself as the BUMBLING student, who keeps trying. If things don’t work the way you pictured in your mind, thank the universe for the test it gave you which helped you sort through your thoughts and understand what you need and want.

As you push through those times of struggle with persistence, remember no one can get in your way, it’s part of your destiny, your journey or your path.

When something doesn’t come together or it falls apart, no matter how many different ways you tried to make it work, take a STEP BACK and look at the message you’re being given then THANK the universe for showing up and giving you another stepping stone to cross.

One of the simplest ways to practice gratitude each day is to keep a gratitude journal. Commit time each morning or evening to write the things you are grateful for, even those painful lessons of self-growth…It’s easy and fun! Start small then challenge yourself to add more each day.

The greatest realization you can have is to know you are exactly where you need to be at any given time in your life. Be in gratitude.

Why not start LIVING IN GRATITUDE today?

“To find abundance, live as if this world is yours, and love everything as if it belongs to you.” ― Debasish Mridha

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