It’s been great fun these past few weeks to chat about how to create and build your own Personal Passion Project. It’s been a real eye opener, I know for my FB group Map It Life & Business  members, who have found they are:

  • Breaking down walls
  • Removing roadblocks that have had them stuck and not moving forward.
  • Getting new insight into what they really like to do!

They’ve done this by changing up their daily routine, changing up their scenery, which helped to open up their creativity so they could get reinspired and refill their well.

I’m sure you know that creativity and new ideas will just sit there unless you start to take action, first by making a list then (no matter how scary it might be) scheduling the time to have those new experiences!  (If you didn’t catch my blog on how I figured out why you should care about creating life experiences, you can check it out here.)

In the past, I’ve been asked questions, such as “Isn’t this a waste of time, shouldn’t I just immerse myself in my business? Or “But isn’t that chasing after shiny objects?”

It’s not a waste of time nor should you consider it to be ‘chasing after shiny objects! Sure if you ask any business coach what’s the best kept secret to having a better business, they’ll respond with … it’s your focus.

It’s true – you’ve do have to have focus. In some cases, when you see other opportunities or ideas, it FEELS like the distraction is diluting the power of your core business. But when you look at the other side of the coin, it can create an atmosphere where any entrepreneur just might freeze in their tracks, for fear that moving in any directions would end up being the wrong one.

Does this strike a cord?

Sometimes we develop this “I can’t do that, it might be wrong?” mentality. Then we back out because we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re going in the wrong direction. It’s like being stuck at a job you hate only because that’s what you know. You believe if you started your own business, you’d end up wishing to go back to a day job again.

So you stay bored and unhappy.

Don’t keep wearing blinders just to keep a laser vision focus on your business. Instead sit down and schedule time to explore other possibilities just as you would any other task. Look out for ideas that are a natural match for another!

Over the years, I’ve seen how people will get stuck, just going around and around, with no way to break the cycle way too often. They get stuck and do the same thing over and over again, and just WON’T look elsewhere. Staying focused. Looking dead ahead at their goals. When truthfully they need to look at other possibilities so they can keep the flow going.

To stop yourself from getting caught in the loop, ask yourself these questions:

  • What will enhance your business?
  • How will it enhance your quality of life?

Just because it’s not quite working the way you want right now, doesn’t mean it won’t work out, and it even could be for the better!

Here’s a perfect example:

You’re a jewelry designer. You make this awesome, gorgeous jewelry. You decided to take what you know so well and learn how to create a course to teach others how to design jewelry.


So now, you’re not only a jeweler who creates her own designs, but you’re teaching others how to do the same thing. You run a business that you love and now are a teacher, helping others do the same.


Had you remain so focused on JUST designing jewelry, you’d still be just designing. You would still be popular, you’d still be selling your creations. But the addition of training courses wouldn’t be there. You wouldn’t have allowed yourself to find your passion, which, in this case, is sharing your knowledge about creating jewelry.

Yes, you can look at the shiny object in a positive manor.  

There are people who will tell you to stop getting caught up with the “shiny object syndrome”.

Most people are actually talking about a different ‘shiny object syndrome’ not about things that are going to enhance your business. Instead they are referring to going after things that distract you from your business, that stop you from moving forward.

It’s the ‘Wow, I know this course is the answer’ chitty-chatty voice you hear so you sign up to take the course and then sign up for the next one and the next the one after that! 

And so it goes, one after another and before you know it, you’ve signed up for a dozen more because what you have isn’t quite good enough! 

Let’s be honest here! You don’t need a dozen more courses. You just need to take what you have, improve and expand it. So start by taking the time to master what you have. Develop it into the next addition to your business. Enhance! Expand! Keep open to the ‘right’ shiny objects. 

Make growth and expandation your daily focus.

Break the paradigm  of “I only want to stay focused on this one thing.” Make that a ‘no’ in your book! You can truly expand your business and help other people by polishing the right ‘shiny objects’ you already have and then keep discovering more.

Don’t be afraid to follow the winding path of discovery from time to time. You never know what you might find around the bend.

You just might find:

  • A different approach to something you’re already working on.
  • New collaborations.
  • Meetings with new people, who will bring some amazing growth to your business.

Collaborating with others, who are building their business is one of the most amazing things you can do for your own!

I can honestly say that I’ve learned things, I never thought I would. if it hadn’t been for branching out and talking and collaborating with others!

Come join my FB group, Map It Life & Business become a Passion Blazer and share your thoughts there. Click here to join! Or feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.