For those of you who don’t know me very well, I am a huge believer in not looking at how far you still need to go, but understanding how much you’ve already accomplished. Sometimes, as we humans will do, we put ourselves in a place of “Oh my gosh, I’ve got so much more to do.”  And we totally forget to look and see how far we’ve come in our lives.

It’s definitely not a waste of time to look at how far you have come. In fact, it will actually increase your motivation and productivity. Both are significant tools to have in your back pocket! Just develop the ‘Take the future one day at a time attitude.’ Trust me, it pays off.

We have been talking in my Facebook group The Business. Life Village about discovering what it is that you can build your life and you business around- the things that light you up, the things you love, your passion!

I gave out the challenge to my group to start journaling with purpose. To answer questions every day which would help them dig deeper into what really motivates them to get out of bed. By taking the time to answer these questions, I knew they may start to notice a theme starting to unfold which will help uncover their purpose. The awesome thing is, you can take on this challenge too!

When the theme starts to be revealed, taking note of reoccuring themes in your journal is a powerful way to discover your true purpose.

If the best thing that happens to you every day is you serve a beautiful dinner to your family then it is clear that being a mom and a great cook is one of your passions.  On the other hand, if your day could have been better because you spent the whole day struggling with accounting software, clearly bookkeeping is not something you want to build your business around.

One more thing you might want to start if you haven’t already is keepinga gratitude journal.

  • Every day you’re surrounded with reasons to be grateful for!
  • It didn’t rain until the last game of your son’s baseball season.
  • You remembered at the last minute to take your new sweater out of the dryer and avoid a disaster.
  • That cold you felt coming yesterday passed after all and you’re feeling better today.

These are examples of things you can be grateful for. By noticing the small and large things that you’re grateful for, those very special moments then taking the time to write them down will help you keep your attitude positive, which is how you’re able to keep going forward.

That’s exactly how you keep your momentum going. It’s how you’ll be more open to discovering your life’s passions.

Here’s a little side point about journaling – embrace your CREATIVE side. These days so many people love to journal on a computer. It’s fast. You can take it with you everywhere. But it doesn’t allow you to really let your creativity out.

Rather than using a bland old word and text document, consider making a personalized paper journal instead. Buy pens in different colors and fill your journal with, not just words, but pictures, doodles and anything else that makes you happy. Collect and add stickers. Use sticky notes for important points. Even tuck a photo or two into your updates to remind yourself of what you’ve achieved.

Take care of your journaling tools, take your notebooks, your favorite pens, all your tools and store them in a very pretty bag that allows you to easily pull them out when the desire to journal hits you. Make journaling something so special, a sacred place for you to write your thoughts, that  when you actually pull out your journal you get excited to create and brainstorm.

Personally,I don’t write in a journal, instead, I doodle. It’s my way of communicating with my soul. You’ll need to find the method that what works best for you. I don’t put my special thoughts on the computer. I use notebooks. There’s something so special about taking a pen to paper and writing out your thoughts. It seems like you are making a pact with yourself and cementing it in your mind.

There’s scientific evidence that actually shows that writing freehand has a stronger connection to your mind and improves cognitive processes.

And remember your journal is for your eyes only. There is no rules, guidelines or a right or wrong way to journal. Make it you. You’ll be more likely to use it if it’s colorful and unique as you are.

The first part of this exercise is doing daily journal questions.

The 2nd part of the exercise is creating a journaling space, journaling bag and your favorite spot to let your imagination expand to answer you questions.  

Journaling should be fun and inspiring, not dry and boring. It’s not a college essay but rather a tool to help you discover your deeper truths.

What freedom! No rules! It’s individuality at it’s finest.

It’s building a resource for yourself that you will want to look back and reflect on time and time again.

Fast forward and Image you were reading this journal when you were 90. Can you picture what a treasure that would be.

You’re not alone if you feel a little stuck or overwhelmed with the whole idea of digging deep and finding your passion. On top of that, building a business around your life can feel so daunting!

I’d love to extend a warm welcome to my group The Business. Life village where there are people feeling the exact same way. Let’s get together, discover your passion and your purpose and create the life and business you want.


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