Abundance is such a beautiful word, don’t you think? All kinds of images come to mind when I hear the word abundance. From fields of flowers, to baskets of fruit and of course, to thoughts of money.


But I’ve learned that abundance is so much more. I’ve learned to embrace what I have. 


Two years ago, I returned from my six month sojourn to Portugal. As soon as I landed, I received notification that my oldest daughter was in the hospital with MRSA  and that the infection had reached a life-threatening stage.


We’d been estranged for many years following her downward spiral into a world of addiction and self-destruction that, despite all the things I tried, I wasn’t able to rescue her.

One huge, heartbreaking lesson .. stepping back and letting her reach her bottom.


I was worried. I was scared. I contacted her as soon as I could and over the next month, as she healed and grew stronger, we were able to reconnect and start the process of healing the wounds of the past.


After all the pain, the turmoil, anger and resentment we had gone through in our relationship and the many years apart, I was so grateful to have my daughter back in my life once again.


Now she is a piece of the ABUNDANCE THAT FILLS MY LIFE. 


Yet, Instead of embracing what we do have, we spend too much time looking at what we lack. Criticizing ourselves for not working hard enough, not making enough money or not being ‘smart’ enough to control our spending.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ABUNDANCE?


  • The balance in your savings account?
  • The debt you’re struggling to pay off?
  • The vacation property you dream of owning?
  • How many big screen TV’s you have in your house?
  • How big of a house you have?
  • What car you drive?
  • A life free from the worries of money?


Or do your thoughts go to something else… something more?


So often when people hear the word ABUNDANCE, their mind automatically goes to the thought of money. It might sound like this: I don’t make enough. I need more money. I want to make x amount so I can have more of this .. or that.


But ABUNDANCE is really something deeper.  If you look up the definition of ABUNDANCE, the dictionary says: a very large quantity of something, the plentifulness of the good things of life.


So just what are the GOOD THINGS in life?


They are as different and as unique as each of us. But there is a common thread that runs between them .. they can’t be measured by numbers.


They include:


  • LOVE.
  • HUGS.
  • FAITH.
  • JOY.


ABUNDANCE is everything that fills your life, and it stretches far beyond the dollars in the bank account. Even if you have little money, you may be abundant in other ways. Perhaps you have an incredible family support system or friendships that fill your days with joy and happiness.


When you pause for a moment and consider all you’ve been blessed with in your life, you’ll be amazed at how  ABUNDANT you really are.


If you make time to practice gratitude for everything and everyone you’ll find your life filling up with more positive energy. It’s as if you’ve opened up the floodgates and out flows this stream of positiveness and the funny things is, the more you practice gratitude, the more you attract what you desire.


Now isn’t that the flow you want in your life?


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