If you’ve been following along over the last few weeks, you should have gained some clarity and insight into developing your own Personal Passion Project.

The Personal Passion Project. Are you scratching your head and still wondering just what it is? Briefly, it’s an inspirational tool you can use to really dive into what you want to accomplish in life and where you’re headed.

Look at it this way: Has there ever been a point in your life where you thought to yourself .. “I really don’t like what I’m doing, but, what do I do? What is my passion? What makes me sing?”

That’s exactly what this Personal Passion Project is all about!

Still not sure on how you can get started? It’s as simple as this: take time to discover things about yourself! Just start journaling! Journals are one of the best ways to map out your thoughts, feelings, and processes.

The first rule .. Journal in whatever way works for you. Don’t think what everyone else is telling you is the only way to go. What works for them might not work for you and THAT’S OKAY!  

Journal should be about you so:

  • Do what makes you happy.
  • What will work for you.
  • Who you are.

Find ways to make this exercise special and unique to you! Decorate your journal, find a special place to store all your journaling tools like a special bag and spend time with yourself getting creative!

One way to get going is to ask yourself different questions while you’re creating your Personal Passion Project.

Two of my favorite ‘make you think’ questions I like to ask are:

  1. “If you could spend your time in any way- what would you like to do?” and
  2. “What would make you jump out of bed and just go do it no matter if there was money involved or not?”

Did the word YiIKES! pop into your head followed by .. “I don’t even know where to start to answer those questions?”

Well, it’s time to get inspired! I challenge you this week to:


  • Step outside your comfort space!
  • Make yourself step away from where you’ve been sitting and doing and looking- all the time!!
  • Go do and look at other things!  
  • Start to get involved!

In “The Artist Way”, author Julia Camera reminds us that creativity cannot survive in a vacuum. She recommends that writers and others spend time in nature, visiting museums, other activities that “refill the well”.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous conversations with different clients about how they always have felt guilty when they did things like watch a movie, write poems or even take a break from social media.

Here it is .. I give you permission to not feel guilty! YOU don’t need too!  Empty space is needed to open up your mind. Getting off the autopilot mode is healthy. You need that space to open up yourself again to hear your own creatives thoughts.

Sometimes you actually need to step away from the computer, to get out and let your mind just relax so new ideas can come in.

  • Take time away from your projects to clear your mind.
  • Allow yourself to hear your thoughts again so you’re not constantly driven.

To constantly push and push yourself is actually not healthy. By allowing yourself the grace to step back and give yourself this type of space along with the time is a tremendously healthy habit to create.

There is no time like the present to get out there and try out new things that you might enjoy but never get around to doing.


  • Take that yoga class.
  • Train for a marathon.
  • Learn to design jewelry
  • Take painting classes
  • Learn to write!

Whatever it is that you feel that you want to do, just go out and do it! Only by trying a variety of activities are you going to find those that you truly enjoy. And eliminate those you never want to do again. 

Don’t just sit there demanding of yourself that you have to always, always be working on your business. Instead, allow yourself time to step back and learn new things. Those things you want to see if you enjoy or will inspire you to create more. Open up your mind. Hear all those creative messages that you’re missing. And finally, start acting on them

Above all, make a ‘no guilt’ rule for taking this time. If you’ve ever sat down to start something not related to your business and the thought pops up .. “I’m really wasting time when I should be working on my business” .. you’re actually putting a damper on your own creative flow. When you take a break from ‘work’ you are allowing your mind to open up to a natural and beautiful way to receive your own internal messages that you to listen to. It’s a way for the universe to say “Hey pay attention here – you need to do this so you can re-center yourself” Think about it.

If you take me up on this challenge, you’ll find it just might be the key to a transformation in your business especially if you start to implement as part of your daily routine. So take some time out this week to go get inspired! A new cafe, an art museum, a park that you’ve never been to – the options and opportunities are endless!

I would love to hear where you found inspiration this week!

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