If you have been following along the last few weeks, you know that in my group, Map it Life & Business, we’ve been doing a journal with purpose challenge to help discover what your purpose or passion really is. Then take it the next step,  make it so heartfelt and powerful that you can create the life you want and then build your business around it.

Whether you’ve been following along or just joining the series here’s a quick recap:

  • You’ve come to a place in your life where you really want to define what it is that lights you up.
  • You’re on a road to discover your purpose and passion.
  • You may have started a journal to really dig deep into your daily life.
  • You’ve started to personalize your journal with colored pens, doodles, and brainstorms.
  • Then you’ve started to notice a pattern or a theme that you’ve based your life around every day.
  • You’re searching to find out what you are good at. You want the truth. You ask someone, not what you’re good at, but what your superpower is.

Everyone comes to this reality at some point in their life. But whether they decide to make something for themselves or settle is a different story.

So here you are, you’re on your way to discovering you purpose and passion with resources of insight in hand but what’s next?

Not too long ago, there was a viral video of a couple who, at the hands of a talented make up team artist, aged by decades compared to how old they really were. As they aged from 30 to 40 to 50 and beyond, they get a glimpse of each other as they might look future. For a brief moment they get to experience what it look like to grow old together and what their life may be like.

Now it’s your turn to play a video in your mind. Imagine yourself at 90 years old, looking back at the life you’ve lived. You’re surrounded by memories of the past. Photos line the walls, your shelves are filled with trinkets and souvenirs, your heart is filled with memories of a well lived life.

Your children are accomplished, and their children are happy and healthy, your great grandchildren are just starting to experience life themselves. And you’re very blessed because they love nothing more than to hear the stories of your life.

Your last exercise is to write your autobiography. Write your memories form the point of view from your older self.

Don’t worry about your creative writing ability. Don’t stumble over spelling and grammar. Just spend time imagining how you would like to feel at that age as you look back at your life.

Pay attention to the events where you felt powerful, and gave you the greatest sense of accomplishment.  

Answer questions like:

  • Did you do anything that changed someone else’s life for the better?
  • Who did you have a positive impact on?  How?
  • Which year was your favorite? What happened
  • What do your children say was the most important lesson they learned from you?
  • Your favorite memory is?
  • What was your favorite decade?
  • The greatest accomplishment in your 90 years of life was?
  • What are some things that keep popping up for you?

Now if this feels too overwhelming for you, try breaking your life down into decades and work your way backwards. Cover the most important parts of each decade. You can go into more details later.

Ask yourself these questions, take a good look at what’s coming up for you and spend some time really looking at yourself. If you haven’t discovered your passion and your purpose yet, you’re on the way now.

And if you know what your passion is don’t stop from doing this exercise, do it anyway because they will help make both more powerful, more profound.

From there you can actually start to map out what you need to do, to have the life/business you want.

Come join my FB group, Map It Life & Business, it’s a great community of people just like you, on a mission to find their purpose and passion so they can create the life that they want and their business around it! Share your thoughts there. Click here to join! Or feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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