Every Journey Begins with a Road Map

When you’re ready to embark on a journey, you typically start by planning your trip—creating a roadmap of your route. You research and book flights, hotels, and ground transportation. Basically, you arrange everything you’ll need to arrive safely at your destination, and back home once the trip has ended. You make every effort to prevent missed connections, late arrivals, lost luggage, and anything else which might negatively impact your experience. You might even schedule a side excursion or two along the way.

Despite all your planning, there are times when something beyond your control goes awry. But as long as you have your basic route, and you’ve done your research about your destination, you can adjust your plans and still enjoy a successful journey. And sometimes, those course adjustments even lead to unexpected adventures that make the trip better than you’d planned.

Map Your Life, Reach Your Goals

Mapping out a successful business follows the same principles as planning a trip. You choose a destination, then start figuring out how you’re going to get there. Where you’re going may be unfamiliar but you learn as much as you can, allow for side trips and course adjustments as new information becomes available, and embark on the new journey.

It should be simple, but too often, we get caught up in the nit-picky details, or convince ourselves we don’t have enough information. We don’t even get out of the driveway because we’re too busy looking at what could go wrong instead of what could, and may already be going right. We forget that we can always course adjust if something doesn’t work out as we’d planned.

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Be Ready for Surprises

Like the map you create for your dream trip, the one you create for you dream life—for a business that makes you leap out of bed every morning ready to shine your light—you don’t map out the tiny details.

Instead, you have a starting point (where you are now), and an ending point (where you’re living your dream life) and a few key points along the way. You allow for new experiences and lessons you can’t even envision until you get there. They’ll expand your vision and give you fresh ideas you won’t be able to resist incorporating into the map you have in draft form.

Your life is constantly evolving. You’re a work in progress, growing and changing from day to day. Why would you lock yourself into a tightly controlled journey that doesn’t allow you to incorporate what you’re learning along the way?

Life Evolves and So Can You

Still, a rough plan—one which gets you moving with a reasonable amount of preparation and direction will give you the focus you need to start creating what has been living in your imagination for far too long.

I’ve drawn and re-drawn my own map over and over as life has thrown new challenges my way. Many times I wanted to just stay in one place, safe from the buffeting life gives us. But I learned to show up, dust myself off, and find an alternate route until I passed both the internal and external roadblocks and started seeing my dream become reality. Would you like to know how I did it?

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