Create And Live Life Your Way.

Everything you need is within you –

and I’m going to prove it.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

Can you even remember?

Sometimes, it’s hard to peel away the responsibilities that clutter your mind and your daily schedule enough to look back that far and remember those long-ago dreams.

But you know what? That little girl who dreamed those dreams still lives inside of you, and she’s screaming as loudly as her tiny little voice can scream, trying to get your attention.

You know why?

Because she holds the key.

She knew way back then (and she’s known all along) what the key to happiness is for you.

You just know you need to find her and listen to her again.

Maybe you’ve gotten so caught up in taking care of others that you’ve forgotten the importance of taking care of yourself.

Your gut tells you there’s more to life than playing chauffeur, nurse, cook, housecleaner and being the go-to person at work. It’s not enough anymore. You WANT more.

And late at night, when everyone is asleep but you (because you’re going over the playlist of all of the things you have to do tomorrow), you hear a tiny little voice inside… a little whisper… that wonders,

“Is this all there is?”




YOU are right! There IS another way. YOU can have what you want. You don’t have to settle for a life that’s stuck and not moving forward.


  • You can step into a bigger, brighter version of you.
  • You can take a chance on yourself and WIN.
  • You can have the life you design on your own terms – for yourself and your family, whatever that looks like to you, whether you travel the world or end up moving down the street. It’s yours.

The weight of what needs to be done makes you falter….

And suddenly you’re in an unchanging habit pattern of life, not doing anything, but knowing that you want to.

You’re worried you could be depressed, you know you’re stuck in a routine as if you were a robot and yet there is that little girl inside that is just waiting to be ignited.

Now, just imagine

  • Watching your life become your own, secure in the knowledge that your choices align with the real, beautiful you.
  • Thriving in a life and even a career that you truly love.
  • Feeling supported to make big changes, even scary changes that you don’t want to think about but you know they need to happen for you to truly flourish.
  • Shining with radiant vitality, feeling at ease with your life and where it’s headed.
  • Know what you want and how to go after it.
  • Living life on your own terms whether you move, stay where you’re at or travel the possibilities of the world will be your reality.
  • At the end of each day as you relax, you’ll experience such a sense of joy and completeness, you know you’ve found YOU again.


Imagine that life. No more guilt, no more worrying. More time being present for you.

And when you’re present for you, you’re more present for others, too.



“With Linda as my mentor, I am starting to restructure and revise my personal view of the world, not to mention my own world; I have learned through working with her that this needs to be done first before I truly have a passion and success driven world. I am working on my self-care and am in the process of making more ‘me’ time even with a 4 month old next to me.”  

Heather Piedmont

Freelance writer and copywriter


Introducing Pursuing your passion – a program to cut through the mental clutter, find clarity, take action and be accountable for your results so you can finally feel relief. We’ll create real change – to get you from where you are, to where things feel right for you, with support that’s as nurturing as a warm bowl of soup on a cold day.

I’m Linda, I help women to reignite their dreams so they can step out of that rut for good. But I’m more than just words. I know what it takes and what you are going through because I’ve been there. I’ve faced some of life’s biggest challenges and have recreated my life – not once, not twice, but several times – all on my own.

And I know you can do it, too – especially with me guiding the way.

See, there’s more waiting for you in life than you can even imagine, but you’re going to have to reach out and grab it. The good news for you is that I can show you how to:

  • Unlock your passion.
  • Find your joy.
  • Connect with your purpose.
  • Be confident that you’re building the life you want.
  • No longer settle for the life that turned up.

I’ve had MANY people try and help me, all with good intentions and strategies, but what I needed most was clarity, guidance and direction, which is exactly what Linda gives. I have so many ideas and questions swirling around in my head, I’m not able to sort through them on my own and she’s able to cut through them and always gives me a straight up answer. 


Natasha Brown


And that’s what makes me different from so many coaches out there. I can show you from my own personal experience how you can recreate yourself on YOUR terms.

I won’t try to fit you into any cookie-cutter mold, making you feel like you need to be just another version of all of the other entrepreneurs online.

No, you’re unique, and I’ll help you figure out how to take the dreams you’ve had your entire life and use them as a blueprint to create a life that is vibrant, exciting, and perfectly unique to you.

The truth is that there are few coaches out there who can do what I do. I dig down deep into who you are at your very core to help you discover those passions you have that have lain dormant for more years than you even realize.

I help you find that little girl inside of you. You know the one – that little girl you used to be, and I help you allow her to show you the way toward the life you want to live.

Because believe it or not… she knows.  

No, not many coaches can help you take this unique journey the way I can.

Together, we will journey into the wonderful world of you and discover the amazing woman you are meant to be.

Because everything you need is already within you.

We’ll walk through the process together:

Step 1: Share your journey

This is your chance to unburden your worries. To be honest with yourself about what’s going on. We’ll work through feelings of overwhelm and find clarity with compassion and courage – this will be one of the most cleansing, refreshing conversations of your life.

Step 2: What does your best life look like, to you?

Let’s explore what IS working, and more importantly, what else you need to be doing to live a life that feels right for you.

Step 3: Build your roadmap

Together, we will map out a plan to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.
No matter the challenges, barriers or blocks, we’ll build a simple but significant roadmap that will help you step out of that rut and finally work toward a life that is right for you.

Step 4: Stay on track

With regular 60 minute sessions, we will check back on your progress with exercises that are tailored to you, along with uplifting Monday Morning Affirmation emails and a goodie bag of tools and tricks to help you make real change in your life.

Special bonus!

Clients who sign up for this program also receive unlimited email access for the duration of our time together. Get the support you need to push through the challenging moments and truly blossom on to the next step in your journey.

If you’re ready to put yourself first and to prioritize your dreams and plans, then I’m ready to give you the support and guidance to make it happen.


Ready for change?


You are worth it, you definitely deserve it and it’s where Pursuing Your Passion begins!


What are you waiting for? Let’s do this together – I can’t wait to see you thrive!

Together, we’ll rediscover your dreams, knock down barriers, and clear out all of the clutter in your mind to give you perfect clarity and direction as your chart your path to your future.

I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Pursuing Your Passion One on One Coaching


Are you REALLY ready to see change? Invest in yourself and live a life that makes YOU happy!

It’s time to stop simply dreaming – it’s time to Pursue Your Passion!

I offer a choice of a six week or 90 day 1-on-1 coaching package.  During our enrollment call we’ll discuss the vision you hold for your life and decide together what kind of support you need to turn it into YOUR reality.

The content of each session is always customized and uniquely developed for you and your needs. This becomes a critical part of your success.

Together we will build a trusting relationship right from the beginning. There are only 5 one on one coaching spots available so you get the best personal attention I can offer.

Knowing I have helped many others like yourself is a source of great joy.

I hope you have learned a little about me already and read some of the testimonials throughout my website. If so, you will have noticed that seeing you reach your goals is my focus and brings me joy as well.

Together we are stronger!

“Linda Clay is a remarkable coach! The questions she asks are deep, penetrating and insightful questions. This allowed me to step outside the “comfortable” questions and think about the “uncomfortable questions” – to uncover and reveal emotions and thoughts that I didn’t know were there; the questions allow you to go to your HEART center and answer from there.” 

Melissa Morse

CI Journey Master Teacher

It takes courage to take action, I know you have it – and sometimes you just need a little support and guidance to get started. Now is the time to invest in your future. It really does impact everyone you surround yourself with on a daily basis. Are you ready to see a stronger, more confident and effective version of yourself?

Don’t struggle any longer wondering ‘what if’ when you could be just one conversation away from finally feeling peace.

Remember, there are LIMITED SPOTS available so I can give you the in depth attention you need!

6 wk  – YOUR INVESTMENT INTO YOU: $1300 – Click the button below.

One time payment or two payments fo $700

90 Day – YOUR INVESTMENT INTO YOU: $2450 – Click the button below. 

One time payment or 3 payments of $850


She is so calm, patient and kind and yet she holds me accountable in a way that works for me. She is always so supportive and sometimes gives me a little kick up the backside to ensure that I am not letting myself down. I’ve massive confidence issues and she’s really helped me to put systems and processes in place to alleviate some of those fears and self doubts. I love working with Linda and think she has a God given gift to help people reach their full potential.

Nicky Somers

Virtual Assistant, Easy Living Online Solutions & Virtual Assistance

These sessions are for people who are 100% committed to taking action to make their best life happen. Change takes courage, and action – at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

My goal is to help you see change, with support, guidance and clarity, in a judgement-free environment.

Most of all, you’re there for everyone else – now let me be there for you.


Are You ready NOW to start living?