Short and to the point .. Life happens.

Rocky situations arise and they often give the impression they happen for a reason. It can even seem, as if one rocky situation leads to another and then another, as if there was a revolving door for them to go through.

Our initial reaction is simple … go back to bed, pull the covers up over our eyes until life calms down. We let our fears and tears cloud our judgment and so we can’t even begin to understand the ‘WHY’S’ behind what’s happened.

We forget that our past heartaches, embarrassing moments and our decisions that didn’t quite work are actually the best education we rcan get for our own self-improvement and the growth of our success. (If you didn’t catch my latest blog on motivation and self-improvement, you can check it out here.)


One of my favorite movies is, Patch Adams and since watching it, it’s stuck in the back of my mind as wonderful example of getting to know yourself plus using your experiences, positive or negative for improvement.

In the movie, Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams was a medical student; who failed to make it through his board exams. He spent months suffering from melancholy, depression and even had some suicidal attempts. He reached a point where he knew he needed medical attention voluntarily admitted himself to a psychiatric ward.

The movies shows how Patch met and befriended several different patients with varying mental illnesses and how through the experience he found ways to treat his own illness. He woke up one day to the realization he was back on track and despite the failures and pains he had gone through, he still had the desire to become a doctor.

He learned how important it was to maintain a positive attitude which brought him to a place of self-improvement and success. The best part of his experience: he not only improved himself, but he improved the life of the people who were around him.

Was he a success? Yes, he became one of the best-known doctors in the country!


So how do you take your self-improvement and make it synonymous with success? Here are some tips I’ve discovered over the years that can help you. Why not give them a try?!


  • Stop thinking and feeling as if you are a failure. You’re not. Wipe that word from your vocabulary. How can others accept you as you are if YOU can’t accept YOU?


  • Don’t judge yourself by those hunks and models on TV. Self acceptance is not about having nice legs or great abs, it’s about inner beauty. Instead of beating yourself up over how you look on the outside, concentrate on becoming a ‘better’ you.


  • When others are feeling down and low about themselves, help them build themselves up. A word of caution … don’t fall into the trap of being pulled down with them. It can happen and then you both will end up feeling inferior.


  • Instead of viewing things that don’t work out the way you planned as mistakes or bad decisions, look at it from the stand point of a life learning lesson. Stand back and see what you can gleam from what happened and then use what you’ve learned the next time. ‘Mistakes and bad’ decisions are actually the best way we learn and grow.


  • Nothing happens overnight. Self-improvement is a process so give yourself permission to take one day at a time and to celebrate the steps along the way.


  • Be consistent. As you continue to improve you’ll notice inner stability, personality development and your self-confidence increases as does your self-appreciation and self-esteem. Best of all, it leads to SUCCESS!


  • Don’t set goals that aren’t meaningful to you or ones that can’t be achieved. When you do that, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration. Most of all, the aim is to improve and become a better YOU. Not someone else.


  • Being willing to accept change and go through the process of self-improvement is challenging and not for everyone. The world is full of unique individuals, with their own values, attitudes and desires. Just because you think self-improvement is the best thing since sliced bread, doesn’t mean your best friend will. It’s an individual choice not a group decision! Keep that in mind.


Remember as you take the self-improvement path to success … There is no such thing as an ‘Overnight Success.’ Take a step a day. Hold on to what is working for you. Learn from the lessons that life gives you. And remember friends, colleagues, neighbors and even strangers can be our best teachers.


There’s a great quote by Lao Tzu that says – “When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.”  

When we open our doors and welcome the journey to self-improvement, we will meet the teachers and be given the lessons we need to grow. Consequently, by letting ourselves be open to change as we travel our life’s path, we increase our chances to meet success on the way. Click To Tweet


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