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I help women, like you, who are craving more:

More energy.

More alignment.

More purpose.

More joy.

I give you the support and clarity to get there.

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LindaMClay came to life in June 2016, when the light bulb went off and the realization hit me that helping women discover and own their truth and personal power was my passion. But don’t be fooled, I’ve been mentoring and coaching for several decades in my different management roles i held in a corporate setting. As an intuitive mentor + life and business strategist, my life and business experience is perfect for those who aspire to have more in their life, whether it’s developing an online business or creating a new lifestyle.


My Mission …


From the very start, my mission has been to help women find their inner truth and power and to build a solid business and/or life based on their experience and talents, not based on what someone else has dictated to them. I’m passionate that every person should live a life they really want, that they have the knowledge needed to make it happen with the right guidance and support.

My goal is to use my holistic mentoring technique through a series of questions and conversations to ascertain exactly what people want, the work together to design their vision, develop the steps they need to take, create and implement an action plan and then to get their message out into the world, create the growth and business strategies they need to serve more people.

Our approach …


Our team consists of Linda Clay, our motivational leader and a team of women who are dedicate in supporting our clients. Linda Clay is an entrepreneur herself and has build two successful business, run several multi-million dollar stores, managed staffs of up to 150, switched careers in mid-life and again at retirement age. She has a clear understanding what it our clients go through as they build a business or make a lifestyle change. Mastering the art of life, career and business changes, she combines holistic mentoring with an integrative approach to life, mindset and business, working with each one as a separate unit and combined as they are linked together. She uses her strong ethics, authenticity, creative insight, intuitive ability, business skills and life experience to cultivate a powerful partnership to help you achieve the business or life of your dreams. Her personal touch is in everything she does. You can’t go wrong with Linda.


Top 5 FAQ’s …


What “type” of Coach are you? I’m an intuitive mentor + life and business strategist. 

What is an intuitive mentor + strategist? I use my intuitive ability that I’ve enhanced through working with a variety of people over the years to hear and read beyond your words, I work with you to dig deep so you are able to get past the surface answers and find out what you really want out of life. Then together we work to develop a strategy to make it happen and put the steps in place to implement it.

What can you do for me?  I will help you create a life and/or business you really want. We start with your mindset, if it’s not in the right place, you can’t have either the lifestyle you want or the business you desire. Together we make sure you know exactly what type of life you want, including whether you want a career or a business and then we set up the steps you need to take and put them into a workable action plan.

Do you have a particular skill you are gifted in, inside your type of coaching you do? My intuitive ability, I can see the big picture, sort through a person’s ideas and come up with a different and unique approach that they haven’t even thought of. My life and business challenges have given tremendous insight into how a person feels in a multitude of different scenarios.

How long have you been a mentor? I’ve been mentoring online for 3 years and have mentored/coached individuals for over 20 years during my corporate and non-profit careers.  

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