Let’s see if this strikes a cord with you:


Recently you’ve started something new.

Maybe it’s a career change, a move or you’ve taken a promotion.

Now you find yourself questioning and asking ‘What the hell was I thinking?” 

After all, you were better off before, RIGHT?

Because you were comfortable, you knew what you were doing, life was easier, wasn’t it?

Oops! You’ve totally forgot how unhappy you were and Isn’t that why you branched out to new and better things?


This is so common!

Every time I moved, got a promotion or changed careers, several months into the change, I question my choice, letting my ego’s voice speak up and start to bully and question ME.  I began to doubt my decision.

  • I ALWAYS stuck it out and didn’t back down. 
  • It doesn’t mean I didn’t cry, I did.
  • It doesn’t mean it was easy. It wasn’t. 
  • I got frustrated. I questioned myself with ‘why did I do this?’
  • I did them all and plus more!


Success as an entrepreneur requires you to:

  • Make the changes you need to make.
  • Stop those your excuses when they crop up (they do and will).
  • Let the tears fall.
  • Embrace your down moments.

Then step back and take a deep breath and get back into it.

Bottomline is you’ll show up even stronger.


Let Me Help You on Your Journey

Change is difficult. It’s overwhelming. It’s a trigger which opens the door to fear. Are you struggling with the newness of change, maybe even wishing you hadn’t made the leap? I can help you work through the newness, the fear and get you on the right path! CONTACT ME TODAY to schedule a no-pressure, no-commitment phone call to see if I can answer any questions you might have. Together, we can work on clearing out those messes that are getting in the way of your freedom to do the things you love!


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