From 0 to 60 plus Momentum!

Veteran service providers know:

It’s not easy to figure out what you need to do when the first glimmer of having your own business hits you. The ideas keep coming at a fast pace, so fast, in fact, you get muddled and overwhelmed. It becomes increasing obvious that it will be difficult to bring balance to your life while building your business. It CAN be done, but there needs to be strategy in place so you can do both! The foundation of your business and your life  is built on your values and knowing what it is you actually want. No matter how you try and separate it, your life and your business are interconnected and need to be polished and structured so they balance one another.


The Holidays have come and gone and the New Year is just a few days away. You pull out your journal and start to review all the goals you set for yourself and find one more year is coming to a close and the possibility of building your business is going to be carried over to the next year .. again.

You find yourself falling into the year-end downward spiral of discouragement and self-doubt:

  • The excuses mount and you try to justify why, again this year, you didn’t do the steps that you needed to start building your business.
  • You work too many hours at your job and have no time yet you spend at least an hour a day scrolling through your Facebook timeline.
  • There are too many thoughts in your head and you can’t seem to sort them out. And you don’t want to ask for help because that might show you don’t know what to do.
  • Long, self-ranting that you aren’t good enough, or who do you think you are or who will listen to you anyway.
  • You can’t quite put your finger on what do people really want (but you won’t ask either.)
  • Even though you hate what you are doing, it’s comfortable and safe.



The New Year is only a few days away! You grab your journal and start your year-end review and one by one, you check off the goals you had set for yourself last January:

  • You did the research you needed on your business idea.
  • You spent time keying in on your ideal client avatar and know exactly who you are targeting.
  • You created several polls and surveys to do market research to find out what problems you can solve.
  • You purchased your domain.
  • You wrote your copy, tweaked it and now it’s ready to put in your website.
  • You are growing a community around your message and your business.
  • You are showing up and showing the world just what you represent.
  • You are getting people asking about your business and how you can help them.
  • You have loyal and loving ambassadors for your business that light you up.
  • You are busy – but productive. Things are changing!

Ahhhh… the end of the year. It’s been a fabulous one! You took control of your life and took the leap to put in place the steps needed to live the life you chose, not the one that was expected of you. Your efforts all year have paid off! Now, to celebrate the closing of one door and the opening of infinite possibilities!

How it Works:

If you know anything about the Heartfelt brand of coaching, you know it is anything but quick and dirty. You also know that there are steps, processes, and systems that must be done absolutely to the best of your ability in order to succeed. Here is a general breakdown of how we will approach your coaching, branding, and strategy.


STEP 1: Analysis

We can’t all be a match. The connection has to be there to make coaching work.

This ‘Let’s Get Shłt’ done approach is an intense, rapid fire one step a day approach that will take you from zero to 60 in 30 days.  

This is for people with spirit and courage and relentless ambition who are ready to make the necessary changes to live the life of their own choosing.

You will get 30 consecutive days of coaching based on a one-step-a-day approach starting at zero -knowing exactly what you want- to 60 -setting it up and preparing you to make it happen. Monday through Thursday we will get on a 25 minute call to review and map out the day’s strategy.  

We will clarify each step of your journey starting with what it is you really want, designing your ideal life structure, and then establishing your business around that– your USP, your message, and all  those things that fall in between!

This review process will gives us insight into where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. When you are done you will move onto marketing your business so you can make it happen.


step 2: implementation

This is not a typical coaching scenario.

Instead of 1 one hour session a week with homework, you will have daily sessions with daily intensive homework.

Every single day you will have objectives that will move your business forward. Every. Single. Day. (ok, not weekends, we aren’t drill sergeants.)

Your first month will be spent with Linda Clay – a powerful master coach who will help you set up your foundations, goals, and mindset so you have everything you need to move forward, quickly.

Your second month will be spent with Jessa Hargrove. The creator of the Heartfelt business system. A powerful, proven system that will help you build your business and marketing solutions and structures.

Each day we will assess your steps so far, map out your next best objective for the day, and incorporate any tools, resources, connections, or elements I and my team may have for you.

The 60 days of intense coaching, training, and support will be just that – intense. You will be working diligently and with purpose to create a business that is balanced, prosperous, and powerful. Come to these sessions ready to own it, work it, and do it!

     STEP 3: BalancE

Balance is important, we all know that.

Especially when you are building your heartfelt business and wanting it to stay aligned with your lifestyle. One side can’t weigh heavier than the other  or you will find yourself out of balance.

You can build a business but without balance you won’t have a life.

You can create a lifestyle but you have to have the right business to find the balance.

Your daily coaching sessions will focus first on keying in on what you really want in your life and then you in business. We will work together to build a step by step Treasure Map towards reaching your goal of life and business.

As you go through the first month and gain clarity on your lifestyle and putting the initial pieces of your business together, we will prepare you for the second month: Marketing.

Balance begins with knowing what you want and building on that, balance stays when you build a business that reflects and supports who you are and your values. Balancing your life and your business is an intrical part of how you show up. It is vital to have an amazing presence, to show up often, and lead with authenticity.




The final month of the program is all about putting everything together so that it creates momentum and sustainability for you and your business. You will work with both coaches collaboratively to discuss things such as:

  • What do you need to offer?
  • How you are going to grow your audience further
  • How you can collaborate to grow your income
  • How to maintain balance
  • How to work with or around any mindset blocks that may come up in the future

Once we have decided your strategy we will collect resources and systems for each element of your strategy, map out the plan, and put dates and objectives to each step.


Each individual coach is unique. Everyone’s circumstances are different. We’ve come up with a few different options that will fit most. If you need more creative options, reach out to us at any time. We can guarantee you will have a business you can take and run with.


The most powerful and fastest option


Pay up front, save money and time.


3-month payment plan

$1000/MO FOR 3 MOS.

Pay over the course of 3 months.


For extreme circumstances only

See if There is Room.

Reach out to us to see if or when there is a Pro-Bono Spot Available for you!


FREE ($300 value).

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